Spacehub is an easy and private space for meetings or everyday support when telecommuting is not possible at home. You can attend meetings without interruption or security concerns, as sound insulation ensures peace of mind at all times.

Spacehub workspaces are professional meeting places and workspaces, the cleanliness of which we take care of for you. You can also bring your client to a fresh meeting space without worries, as the air changes every 90 seconds. The tabletops and door handles have been treated with a coating that destroys viruses and bacteria.

With the Spacehub app, you can book a private workspace with just two clicks, download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. With the app, you find, book, open, and pay for your Spacehub workspace.

Spacehub – Make the city your office



Mon–Fri: 06.30–23.00
Sat: 06.30–23.00
Sun: 09.00–23.00



2nd floor

Arrival and parking

Floor map